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Webcam №2 near the nest of a Far Eastern stork, TambovkaWebcam №2 near the nest of a Far Eastern stork, Tambovka

Live webcam number 2 is positioned at the nest of a Far Eastern stork near the village of Tambovka. The camera in real time webcasts video from the nest located on a support of an inactive power line near the village of Tambovka of the Amur Region. The live webcast from this webcam has been going on since March 17, 2019 and gives you the opportunity to observe bird life around the clock.
Broadcasting mode: live video 480p

Webcam at the nest of the Far Eastern storksWebcam at the nest of the Far Eastern storks

Live webcam is placed near the nest of the Far Eastern storks. The nest is located on the power line support near the village of Tambovka in the Amur Region of Russia. The camera allows you to watch in real time the nesting of some of the rarest birds of Russia. The Far Eastern storks is under threat of extinction and is listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation.
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